10+ Ways Social Media Can Help You Market Your Business

Many businesses are afraid of using social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook because they don’t want to provide a forum for bad things to be said about them.

This may be the modern day equivalent of the classic ostrich ‘head in the sand’ routine. That being, if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

For the most part, social media is a real time glimpse at the thoughts, opinions, compliments, and complaints of the world your business already exists in.

And with it, you now have a remarkable opportunity to be involved in the conversation like never before.

And social media is a powerful and effective way to help you be a part of that conversation with your customers.

Business owners often ask how social media can be used for their particular business and goals. Depending on what those goals are, the answer can change. However, there are some global ways in which social media can be a powerful part of a business’s communications plan regardless of industry, size, or goals.

Below is a list of effective and meaningful ways social media can help your small business grow:

Service Recovery

  • Find conversations about your business–or about your competition–on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If a customer is publicly unhappy with your business, acknowledge it and own it publicly…then work to fix it privately.
  • If a customer is publicly happy with your business (it happens!), thank them publicly.


  • Look for conversations that are happening that you can add value to.
  • Don’t sell (all the time)–use your experience to add value, share experiences, and answer questions on the topics you know.
  • Don’t forget to sell (just not all the time)–sprinkle in call to actions to bring attention to your relevant products & services.
  • Use LinkedIn to research potential leads and contacts and businesses you may be hoping to work with.

Public Relations

  • Get attention with photos–share what you’re doing in and for your community with photos online.
  • Establish your voice and be true to your culture–don’t be afraid to show some individuality…people crave it.
  • Have an event or news to share? Post on your social site and be sure to share with local media.


  • Use demographic, interest, and geographic filtering to put specific messages in front of targeted groups of people.
  • Test campaign messages and advertising campaigns to see what resonates before investing more money.
  • Integrate survey tools and contest giveaways to build awareness and email lists for future use.