Best Business Practices

Building Credibility With The Media

When talking with the media, credibility is everything. Your credibility either as an interview subject or calling journalists to pitch or correct a story can have a significant impact on the result. Credibility doesn’t just happen overnight. Sometimes credibility is simply earned by how you handle yourself in an exchange you deem insignificant. For example, […]

National Issues of Public Importance word cloud

Facebook, National Issues of Public Importance, and You

Pop quiz! What do the words “energy” “environment” “guns” “poverty” “civil rights” “taxes” “values” “education” and “terrorism” all have in common? If you answered, “some topics Facebook considers “national issues of public importance that will require advertiser authorization and labeling for ads targeting the US” — you passed! (Visit Facebook for the complete list.) In […]

Tips to Look Like a Pro on Camera

For many people, the idea of appearing on camera is enough to leave them a sweaty, panic-stricken, ball of stammering nerves. After all, you didn’t get into this business to be an actor. No one said anything about speaking in articulate sentences on a high definition camera and sharing that footage publicly! Well, not until […]

Leveraging Your Brand’s Identity Part 1: Understanding what a brand is (and what it isn’t)

You’ve got yourself a killer marketing plan and a fancy budget spreadsheet. Maybe your logo is modern and eye-catching. Perhaps you’re blogging and utilizing video on your social media platforms. But are you really leveraging your brand’s identity? In this series, we’ll cover what your brand is, how you go about defining it, and how […]