Webbit CMS - Website Software Designed For Small Business Owners

Helping Small Business Owners Do More And Get More From Their Websites

Webbit was developed by our marketing and website engineering team as a solution for two key elements that matter most to small businesses:

  • Small Business Owners:
    Time is money. We've heard from hundreds of small business owners that their biggest complaint is the time and cost associated with asking their website vendor to update their site.  Small business owners need to react to customer demands, seize opportunity in the marketplace, and work hard to overcome the challenges of the competition. Many business owners find themselves focusing so hard on satisfying customers that it's not until late at night or on the weekends that they can focus on their own website.

    We understand - and we built Webbit to help small business owners take full control of their website, any time of day, and any day of the week.  Simply login and add pages, photos, documents, videos, and more instantly without needing to call or incur expense.

  • Website Visitors:
    Getting people to your small business website is only half the goal. Connecting and inspiring visitors to want to become customers is essential in making the most of website traffic. Along with the guidance from our team of marketing professionals, Webbit helps deliver fast and meaningful value to your website visitors, helping them see what you provide and why they need it.  Even more important, Webbit's built-in search feature and inquiry inspiring tools helps you get more leads - and more opportunities - from your small business website.

As a full service marketing and public relations firm, we've worked with hundreds of clients and know first hand how crucial the website is to an effective marketing and communications plan.

Easy To Update!
With Webbit, each page is customizable by you - you control the images, text, video, links and documents. By posting start and end dates, you control what the public will see and when - the website does all the work to ensure you'll never have outdated content.

Search Engine And Metric Tools
Decrease your Yellow Page expenses and get more business from your online exposure. The built in search engine tools and guidelines help you produce a site that Google will respect and find! The result is more visibility, traffic, and opportunities to earn more business from your website.

Integrate Social Media
Create more connections and find new customers by linking your Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Linkedin, and other social tools directly from your website.

Forms, Surveys, & Event Registrations Online
Webbit's Formbuilder module allows you to quickly create robust forms and integrate into any page of your website. Create contact forms, job applications, online surveys, registration for events and more.

Lead Capture Tools
Use Webbit's lead capture tools to entice inquiries, instantly send an auto-reply to your prospects, and store the information for use in your sales process.

E-Commerce With Reporting, Multiple Ship-To, and Invoicing Tools
Looking to sell online? Our E-Commerce platform is the most feature-filled shopping cart on the planet and specifically designed for anyone to create, populate, and run their online store quickly. Our cart features the ability to:
        Quickly create categories and products
        Assign multiple photos to each product
        Dynamically create sizes, colors, shipping, and customized options for each product
        Featuring multiple shipping addresses per order
        Increase your marketing list with built in referral generator
        Create order reports, instant invoicing and packing slips
        Our custom programming can help you integrate with Quickbooks, FedEx, UPS, and USPS modules

Search, Search, Search
Webbit's built in site search feature allows you to tag any page, photo, and document in your website with keywords for fast, relevant searching from anywhere in your website. You'll never have to hear anyone say they can't find what they need again.

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