Cary Weston


Cary is the person that will cut through the trendy business speak and help define what the real goal is. A fan of function over form, his charge is to ensure that creative doesn’t mask the need and that the work is focused on results. Too honest at times, he believes the world could benefit from some more ‘old-fashioned’ and less ‘bright and shiny.’

Cary is active on a number of community boards and causes and has served as both city councilor and mayor of his home town Bangor.

He can juggle, make wine, can say the alphabet backwards, thinks A1 is a national treasure, and once took home a trophy in a stand-up comedy competition. But the role he loves best is being blessed to serve as a proud husband and dad to a happy and healthy family. He lives in Bangor with his wife Tori and three children.



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