Kate Bielinski

Senior Account Manager

With experience spanning media, finance, and education in Philadelphia and Bangor, Kate brings a versatile skill set to her role at Sutherland Weston. Always learning about new industry trends and brushing up on fundamentals, Kate thrives on teaching, inspiring, and solving problems for clients.

Debunking the myth of left-brain vs right-brain, Kate is both analytical and creative. From charts, graphs, and data mining to design, copy writing, and crafting innovative solutions, Kate loves every aspect of marketing.

Outside the office, Kate enjoys hiking with her family, dabbling in weight training (last summer she hit a deadlift PR of 220lb), and cuddling up with a good book. An avid traveler, Kate has spent the last two years filling her passport with stamps from Europe, the UK, and South America. She hopes to visit all seven continents by 2020.



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