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We help solve business problems through partnership, creativity, and results-focused strategy.

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Sutherland Weston is an integrated full-service advertising and public relations firm located in Bangor, Maine.

Our Speciality: In Maine. From Maine. For Maine.

We are the go-to advertising, marketing, and PR agency for businesses looking to:

  • Grow In Maine
  • Grow Beyond Maine
  • Expand To Maine

We’re Mainers Adding Value Each Day

  • We get how best to speak to, connect with, and reach the people of Maine.
  • We know the decision-makers, policy creators, and the issues that matter most to the cities and towns across the state we call home.
  • We donate our time and talent to causes and organizations that build and strengthen our culture and community.
  • We work daily to deliver responsive counsel, fresh ideas, and old-fashioned hard work.

Sample Video Portfolio

Meet the Team

Jessica Ward

Content Writer

Ric Tyler

Audio / Video Idea Engineer

Sherado Sands

Graphic Designer

Susan Potvin

Administrative Assistant

Diana Picavet

Senior Account Manager

Ken Lozier

Process Director

Ethan Levesque

Video Production Specialst

Kathleen Later

Digital Production Manager

Brad LaBree

Audio / Video Production Manager

Jeff Dreher

Web Development Director

Paul Chadwick

Video Production Specialist

Dan Cashman

Public Relations Director

Amanda Anderson

Art Director
Cary Weston, Sutherland Weston

Cary Weston

President & Chief Marketing Officer

Elizabeth Sutherland, APR

CEO & Brand Strategy Director

We have a great brand and Sutherland Weston’s guidance adds the touch of class and professionalism that allows us to stand out against our competitors.

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