A Few Recipes for a Great Pi Day


Today is Pi Day (π Day!)

It’s rapidly becoming a tradition to make a pie of some kind on Pi Day, so in the spirit of the day, here’s a special set of marketing recipes for you! (And we know pie around here, from buttery flaky crust to graham crackery goodness!)

But this is a bait-and-switch because it’s also a great day to make some other kinds of pie – pie charts!

Pie charts don’t have to be complicated and generated from a spreadsheet. They are great at giving you some guidance regarding “how much of the pie” you’ll give in a marketing budget or “who gets the biggest piece of the pie” concerning customer type. Creating them by hand (not on a computer!) can also provide an excellent thought exercise to help clarify some of your marketing goals.

Here are some examples of pie charts we think might engage your creative thinking and clarify your needs. Today’s recipes include, “Who’s My Customer Custard Cream?”; “Quick Marketing Budget a La Mode”; and “Web Content Plan Caramel Crunch.”

Our pie is only three ingredients (and zero calories!)

Pie Chart Recipe One: Who’s My Customer Custard Cream?

This chart is useful in identifying who your clients and customers are.

We can take it outside of the chart now.

This pie chart can help you set goals about what kind of customer you want to market your business to and help you think about what your customers may have in common.

Sample customer pie chart for "Dana's Dog Store" showing customer types: breeders, kennels, big and small dog owners, and shelters. Notes include the kind of spending power each group has.
Here’s a rough sample of a customer pie chart. When the chart is done, you can take each group, starting with the most profitable, and profile them. This way, you’ll know more readily to whom you need to market.


Pie Chart Recipe Two: Quick Marketing Budget a La Mode

Creating a marketing plan or budget can be intimidating. We get it. But thinking about it in a less numerically-focused way can help kick-start that planning process and may even make it easier to work out those numbers later. Here’s how to create a pie chart that identifies where you’ll market and what chunk of your marketing resources you’re willing to put into your budget.

Now we take it outside of the chart:


Pie Chart Recipe Three: Web Content Plan Caramel Crunch

We all hear the beat of the “new web content” drum. Creating content can feel terribly complicated and utterly overwhelming. However, it’s much less so when you develop guidelines of your own and propose for yourself a slate of topic areas to write in over the time you’re planning.

Now we will move beyond the chart:


Pie Chart Recipe Three Point One Four: Some Actual Pies!

Maybe you need a little incentive to work out these pie charts. I strongly advocate for you to get a real pie as a reward for working on any of these!

You can go out and get pie, of course, or if you’re truly caught up in the Pi Day spirit, you can pull together a pie (or two! or three! Or 3.14159265359…) from this inspirational collection of 22 recipes* in celebration of Pi Day from Southern Living magazine.

By the way, you can contact us if you’d someone else to help with these sorts of things. (Or if you’d like to bring us pie, I’m personally partial to cherry.)

Happy Pi Day!

Image of graham cracker pie.

*Bonus nerd alert: did you know that math books used to express Pi as 22/7? Coincidence? I think not!

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