Best Business Practices

Marketing is all luck: Creating the perfect balance to find your pot of gold

Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” While admittedly my recollection of College History 101 resembles the ruins of the Roman empire, this quote has always resonated and stuck with me, especially as I’ve learned (and yes, retained) more and more about marketing. If you’ve chatted with the team […]

The Emotional Power of Video

In January, our team produced a series of videos for the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Dinner, honoring those in our community who make a difference. One of those videos was about the Bangor Area Recovery Network. Following the event, a member of BARN shared the following. “Each award presentation told a story […]

The Year of Action Plans

If you are anything like me, you’ve spent a fair amount of time of the past few days reading other people’s thoughts, wishes, and goals for the new year. I like everything I read. And I want to jump on board with every bold goal, idea, and vision. (Well, except for Whole30. I’m not giving […]