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A Grand Event: 5 Tips to Avoid Event Planning Stress

The business world is often inundated with its share of events, be it larger than normal meetings, conferences, recognition events, stakeholder gatherings and more. So much so that we often forget these business activities are actually considered “events”. If you are being tasked with planning an event for your company, here are some guidelines to […]

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Is Your Professional Service Firm’s Website Helping Or Hurting Your New Business Efforts? These Five Questions Will Help You Find Out.

Professional service firms will often share with me that ‘marketing’ doesn’t work for their business development efforts as they rely mainly  on “word-of-mouth”.  And by that, they are referring to repeat business and referrals from existing customers. It’s common to confuse the concept of ‘marketing’ for ‘advertising’ tactics. But marketing, especially for professional service firms, […]

Marketing is all luck: Creating the perfect balance to find your pot of gold

Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” While admittedly my recollection of College History 101 resembles the ruins of the Roman empire, this quote has always resonated and stuck with me, especially as I’ve learned (and yes, retained) more and more about marketing. If you’ve chatted with the team […]