Do We Offer Marketing Services To Businesses Like Yours?

Each time you explore solving a business problem, we know you essentially have three options to pick from:

To us, it only makes sense to work with a company like ours if we were able to make your job easier, help you solve the problem and make you look good along the way.

To do that properly, we need to know the right things about your business, your problems and your desired outcomes.

Maybe we are a fit for what you’re looking for. Maybe not. But we are candid with our assessment of the situation and if we can’t help you solve the problem, we’ll let you know up front. Because we both have better things to do than waste time and money.

While every business is different and faces its own set of challenges, there many similarities that tend to exist. For instance, here are some regular trends we see in the businesses we work with.


“Beyond Our Expectations”

“I would not hesitate to recommend SWMC to any organization that needs a creative, knowledgeable, responsive, and results-oriented marketing firm. The “This is my classroom” videos went beyond our expectations, and helped positively influence UMA’s enrollment efforts and its overall brand awareness in Maine.”

– Brent Wooten, Director of Enrollment Marketing
UMaine Augusta

“Far More Than A Marketing Firm”

“Their results from taking ideas to fruition are not only amazing to watch but the results are truly world class. This is far more than a marketing firm…this is a team of exceptionally talented individuals that will make you and your organization better!”

– Rob Picard, CEO
Changing Seasons Federal Credit Union

If you’re a business with 1 – 25 employees and up to $5 million in sales…

We typically find that the need to get more organized, focused, and in-control of what to do with the marketing budget is paramount.

At this size, in general, time tends to be a scarcity and marketing tends to be something that gets infrequent attention. Typically you know you have to do something different but need someone to trust for advice on what to do. You may have had a bad experience and are questioning why the competition seems to be doing a better job at getting the word out. While budgets are always an issue, you are willing to spend money that makes a difference, however you don’t want to waste money – who does?

Your anxieties are around getting organized, focused, and feeling that any money that is spent creates measurable results.

Typical topics of need include:

If you’re a business with 25-200 employees and between $5 million – $50 million in sales…

We typically find that you’re usually looking for insightful strategy for moving in a new direction. Your problems tend to deal with specific initiatives, like gaining bigger and more sophisticated clients or capitalizing on new opportunities to grow a product or division.

You will most likely have a delegated marketing person or team. Your in-house talents may not have the expertise or capacity for the stated goal or new direction. The conversations we’ll have will revolve around the need to complement existing resources with a specialized partner.

Most likely you have marketing materials that may be home grown. You may feel they do more to show what you make or sell than deliver the true value of your company. Your new business development efforts are probably effective when you’re in the room but need some help otherwise.

Your goal may be to generate new growth in a department, developing or refreshing a strategic plan, or modernizing and expanding marketing your tactics to find new ways of finding business. We may explore how to use campaign style advertising tactics and what metrics help define success. We’ll want to learn more about your in-house processes and protocols to help craft a plan for make efforts scalable, repeatable, and measurable.

Typical topics of need include:

If you’re a business with 200+ employees and between $50 – $300 million…

We typically find you are familiar with working with external partners and may have more than one that you rely on for marketing assistance. You tend to engage with firms that bring a specific expertise and help complement existing efforts.

You may be faced with restructuring a division or expanding into a new geographic market. Your company many have a new product launch or new market opportunity before it and you are seeking fresh ideas to capitalize on it.

You’re looking for ways to gain attention, create influence, and utilize your customers and referral sources to increase sales. You’re seeking advice and counsel coupled with proactive ideas on a regular basis. You’re challenged with proving results and have multiple stakeholders to satisfy.

Typical topics include:

Interested in brainstorming to see if we are a good fit for your business? Let’s talk.