Five Ways to Improve Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Below are five solid ways to help your small business get more traffic and visitors to your website.

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Simple tip–instead of putting all your products or services on one page, create a single page for each. Talk specifically about that product or service and be generous with the features and benefits of it for those who use it. Give specific examples, list pricing, and provide easy and obvious ways people can contact you about that specific product or service. The more you focus your pages on a single topic, the more likely that page will rank higher in search engines. The higher it ranks, chances are more people will see it and click on it.

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

Once you’ve created the single focus for the page, make sure you follow Google’s best practices when it comes to building the page itself. Following these best practices to help the page rank is called optimization. You’re basically following the rules to give your page and your website the best chance to be respected and ranked high in search engines. You can find an overview of the basics to page optimization here.

Create Valuable Stuff

Talk the way your customers talk and in the way you’d talk to the customers in front of you. Don’t talk in industry speak and in generic terms with phrases that sound flat, generic, and boring. Be real. Provide value. Answer the questions your customers ask you all the time. Chances are, if one has asked, many more would like to know the answer too.

Don’t be afraid to be your own voice. It’s what makes you unique and will help you stand apart from the other options customers have for what you do.

Create Relatable Stuff

In your copy, provide real examples of what you’re talking about. Add video, images, and graphs if it makes sense. If you’re speaking to a particular industry, use terms that help them connect their needs with your experience and expertise. Showcase your knowledge of what they are going through and help them see that you are the one they should be talking to. Why is this important to building traffic? Because people will read the other stuff you have, come back to it, and tell other people.

Share, Share, Share.

Good relatable content, written with focus and purpose, and optimized for search ranking will be an excellent start to getting it seen by more valuable people. But you can also help by sharing the content you’re creating in those pages. People are busy and have a lot going on–they won’t always seek you out like you think they should.

So put what you have to offer in front of them. Post the content you create on your website in your social media accounts and through your email marketing efforts. If you have a local newspaper or online publication–or even an industry publication–share what you write with them. Publications are always looking for meaningful and valuable content to share with their audience.

Remember the Willie Sutton answer when asked why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is.” Find out where your money is–in this case eyeballs from prospective customers–and get your stuff in those places.

Bottom line is this—more doesn’t always mean better. However, if you develop your page and blog post content with purpose, focus, and meaning, you will find that more people will notice and traffic will increase.

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