Giving Your Visitors a Good Landing


Landings. They are the way that we either come home or the way that we begin an adventure.

First, we go up – lift the foot, hold a railing, tip the wing to takeoff.

Then we land — it’s the foot stepping off the bridge. It’s the jump from the boat. It’s the touchdown of the wheels on the runway. We always want good landings.

It’s not that different when you’re online. We want people to have experiences with our organizations and not just transactions. So we put a lot of effort into the takeoff — we write sharp text for our AdWords, create a witty graphic to post to Facebook, craft a pithy comment for Twitter, and post the most moving photos to Instagram. We craft something that works for each of those platforms so people will have a good takeoff — but then we sometimes forget about the landing.

Making a Soft Landing…Page

The landing page is one of the most powerful tools your website can offer. It’s a place where you can tailor your visitors’ experiences based on where they’ve just been. They’ve traveled to you a certain way, from a particular place, and to be most effective, you need to plan for their arrival.

This is where the landing page comes in. No matter where you’re promoting online, you want to send people to the place you’re referencing in your ad and the environment should reinforce what brought your visitor to click in the first place. Remember, you only have a few seconds to keep someone’s interest, so do your best to make them feel at home.

The landing page isn’t necessarily complicated – it’s a page with content specifically designed to accompany a specific audience’s pathway. Dropping people onto your homepage to find your promotion, or even worse, onto your contact page, reduces your conversion potential.

So How Does This Work, Exactly?

Landing pages are pretty straightforward. Speak to your customers just like you did the last place they were! 

If you are selling shoes and you make a smart Facebook promotion that directs people to your website, it’s worth the effort to create a page that speaks immediately to the promotion in the same voice and tone. You may even want to use images that invoke the same feeling as your social post. From there, people can explore the rest of your site if they want to, but your goal is to move people toward their transaction as quickly as possible.

The same thing goes if you’re pushing tickets to your event with an energetic Instagram ad — it might bring someone to a page that offers not only ticket purchases but is also a bridge between the content they’ve just experienced and the rest of your website. Trying to sell an idea or concept with an ad on the local news? Maybe your landing page features a video to engage viewers and motivates them to follow your call to action.

The other benefit is that landing pages reinforce that you, the site owner, cares about the visitor’s journey enough to prepare for their arrival. It is a relatively small but effective way to increase conversions and leave a better impression in your visitor’s mind.

And of course, if the landing sticks, they’ll be back to land again and again!

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