How Does A Business Work With Sutherland Weston?

There are multiple ways in which we engage with businesses for marketing, strategy, public relations, and creative services. But to determine which way is best for your business, we begin with a process we call Strategy Scripting.

Strategy Scripting is a structured and defined engagement in which we analyze where your company is right now as compared to where you want to be. From there,  we work together to design an action plan best suited for your needs, problems, and goals.

Strategy Scripting includes an evaluation of your:

The outcome from our engagement is your customized Strategy Script, full of recommendations and strategies for next steps.

Our Strategy Scripting engagement starts at $2,500 and is typically completed within 30 days of commitment.

Following Strategy Scripting, we offer the following engagement programs:

A tactical, targeted, and scalable lead generation program designed to be monitored and measured towards a specific metric. Includes the following tactical elements:

A public relations program designed to create influence and build awareness. Includes planning, outreach, and management for the following areas of concern:

Our retainer program geared at partnering to attack problems, develop programs and protocols, and work towards your ongoing priorities. The program includes:

Branding / Re-Branding Engagements

For businesses looking to engage in a brand development, re-branding, or change management initiative, we offer the following experiences:

StoryMining is an evaluation and development process designed to help organizations best understand its brand in its current state. This includes collecting input and analyzing awareness from across various stakeholders. The process helps us to develop a new (or refreshed) brand promise and personality that best represents the organization’s mission, vision, and values.

Engagement in the StoryMining process results in an end product (the brand promise, personality, and messaging) that can help the average outsider understand and assimilate the mission, vision, and value of an organization more quickly and with deeper understanding.

SoftLanding is a working communications plan specifically designed for internal or membership use.

The primary focus of the SoftLanding process is to increase staff or member awareness and make communication of the StoryMining process more inclusive. This helps to mitigate the anxiety surrounding change while engendering a sense of inclusion and participation among staff and members.

The SoftLanding process also assists staff and associated stakeholders in better understanding the reasons an organization is making a financial investment in its branding and messaging. Greater insight and awareness of the positive outcomes in a new (or refreshed) brand for the organization means staff and volunteer leadership can appreciate the value even though it is not directly linked to mission-based service delivery.