Our Website Design & Development Process


Starting a new website design project brings on both optimism and anxiety.

On one hand, it’s happening. The old site is going away and the potential to build something new is exciting.

On the other hand – it’s happening… how is this going to go?

Then it happens. The optimistic “We’ll figure it out” eventually turns into “I hope someone else will figure it out”.

Taking Control Of The Website Design Process

We want you to know there is a process, a plan, and a proven set of steps we use when designing and developing websites. Our process helps navigate both the big stuff and the little details that make a project successful. When you work with us, we want to make sure you end up a great product that helps your company or organization.

And does so without having you feel like you’ll need to figure it out on your own.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve been fortunate to design, build, and develop over 500 websites for small businesses throughout Maine and around the country. As our business has grown, we’ve reviewed, adapted, evolved, and improved on the processes and measuring tactics we put into each project.

Beyond the process – we’ve also outlined answers to a list of common website design-related questions we receive here.

This Is What Happens Next

When it comes to managing each website we design, build, and develop at Sutherland Weston, these are the key areas that factor into our effective management process.

The Project Manager

Inside Sutherland Weston, we assign project managers to each client and every project. This helps to provide consistency and clarity in whom you can turn to with questions.

The project manager communicates and works with our in-house graphic design team and our in-house website design team. The project manager plays a key role in determining the goals, features, and functions for each website project as well as allocating tasks to our team and clients.

The project manager will also be involved in the copy development process, the page flowchart design, and keyword focus discussions for search engine optimization, and will ensure clients are familiar with how to use the websites we build for them.

Project Tracking Software

We use a web-based tool for our website design lead tracking and project management tasks. This helps to centralize our information from the very beginning and ensures as much as possible that all tasks, stages, files, goals, and pertinent information about a website design project live in a central location.


Design and Development Stages

Our website design projects are divided into various stages of development, each with its own specific value and purpose. They are:

The Go-Live Process

Once the site is built and content is added, it’s time to review and prepare for the world to see your work. Our ‘go-live’ process involves the following components and is done by our team:

Flowers Delivered To You

When the site is live, we like to say thank you with flowers. Why not – you deserve it!

Congratulatory Flowers For A Successful Website Launch

More Website Development Answers

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