Just Desserts 2020

Pie Sales Are Now Open

To Help The United Way Of Eastern  Maine Fight Food Insecurity.

***Due to the current events we are all navigating, we have decided to postpone this week’s Just Desserts festivities. We feel that it is important to keep online donations up to support United Way of Eastern Maine as our local food pantries and cupboards are now facing even greater challenges at this time. When we have made the decision of how and when to proceed we will let you know! ***

Team Dan


Only $50 to get Dan another pie!

Team Cary


Only $50 to get Cary another pie!

Team Ric


Only $29 to get Ric another pie!

Just Elizabeth


Only $50 to get Elizabeth another pie!

Help Us Pie Monday's Guests: Larry Geaghan

If we raise $500 for the United Way by 3:14 (π o'clock!) Monday, we will pie Larry Geaghan live on Facebook.

Maker of Memes, and owner of the 45-year-old iconic Bangor restaurant, Geaghan's Pub and Brewing Company. Larry, grew up as 1 of 11 children, coupled with being married to a teacher, Larry understands the connection between well-fed children and better learning outcomes. A jokester at heart, but a community advocate at his core.

Today's Total: $1,771.00

Donate now for Monday, March 16!

Designate your donation below and get your say in who gets pied the most! Join us for PIE TIME on the Sutherland Weston Facebook page each weekday at 4:00PM.