Maine-Based Public Relations and Communication Strategies

Creating Influence & Visibility For Your Business, Organization, Or Cause

Sutherland Weston is a Maine-based public relations firm, specializing in strategies for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our experienced, talented, and connected team are ready to help you succeed by delivering meaningful results with services including:

Public Relations
• Media Outreach
• Public Outreach
• Messaging

Media Coaching
• Crisis Management
• Earned Media Organization
• News Events & Announcements

Meet The Most Connected PR Team In The Business

Senior-level experience with the connections and unrivaled collective experience.

At most agencies, a junior team member executes the large majority of your public relations efforts. At Sutherland Weston, senior executives work on your account not just direct it. From planning through execution, we’ll be with you.

Our Public Relations Team Is Ready To Help You


With Sutherland Weston, it won’t take days and tons of paperwork if you need help. We can make things happen just the way they happen in your work life. Quickly.


We work on all size and types of projects – big or small; for long or short time frames. We ebb and flow with your needs not the needs of the agency.

Global, national & local experience:

The Sutherland Weston team has executed large-scale communications programs globally, nationally, and right here in Maine. Our team knows how to scale and target a program to meet your organization’s needs.


It’s not work if you love it. The world of public relations and marketing excites us and we put all of that passion and energy into our clients’ business. Energy breeds success.

Cutting-edge & creative:

The Sutherland Weston team firmly believes that you never should stop learning. We constantly immerse ourselves in seminars, webinars, and books to stay cutting-edge and inspired. And, we have our own ideas too. You’ll find we are never short of ideas!

Let’s Talk!

Have an issue, goal, or public relations need that you’re searching for help with? Just provide us with some basic information below and one of our senior level PR pros will be in touch with you promptly to discuss.