Recent Updates For Business Social Media Pages


Newsfeeds are getting shorter. Messaging needs to grab the reader’s attention immediately. If the important information is buried in the content after the first three lines, it may never be seen. Personal pages will not see this change, however, if your organization utilizes the benefits of a business page, you will be included, even if you are a non-profit.

Additionally, Facebook’s ranking algorithm is changing yet…again! With the biggest update we have seen, both Facebook and  Instagram will rank posts based on organic viewer engagement. The more comments, shares, and interactions with a post, the more likely it will be seen by others. Conversely, posts using phrases “share, like, or comment” will actually rank worse, and be seen less.

Videos are no exception to these recent changes! Because Facebook puts a preference on native content, make sure to upload your videos directly to Facebook instead of just sharing a YouTube link. To help viewability even more, you can now also add closed captioning to videos on business pages directly! 85% of videos are watched without the sound on!

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, stories are taking the lead! Not sure where to start? Whether you opt for sharing photo highlights or incorporating video, Instagram is making it easier with the addition of templates that can be found right in story settings.

A great solution for combating these changes is growing your email list! Getting customers, fans, and even employees to sign up for your newsletter has proved successful for various industries. Subscription emails have great open rates, can be forwarded to others directly, and hold an already captive audience. These can be linked through many subscription platforms right to your Facebook page.

While these changes may seem like a lot to take in, don’t fret! The team at Sutherland Weston created this handy one sheet that can be shared with staff that have access to your company’s social media accounts or hung up as a friendly reminder at your desk.

Not completely sure how these changes might impact your social ROI? Contact us today for a social audit.

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