Organizing A Marketing Plan | Strategy Scripting

We work with businesses of all sizes to craft effective marketing and communication plans. Our team works with company leadership to discuss problems, clarify goals, and facilitate discussions.

We do this through a process called Strategy Scripting.

Typical questions we receive from organizations looking to get organized are:

  • “What social media channels should we be using?”
  • “Where should we be spending money?”
  • “How do I know if my money spent is working?”
  • “How do we use social media the right way?”
  • “Do we have the right materials?”
  • “Are we saying the right things in our ads?”

How Does Strategy Scripting Help Build A Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan outlines specific strategies and tactics that will be used to meet desired results. Results like earning more traffic, getting more customers, making more sales and finding more donors.

Results come from getting the right messages in front of the right people that matter most to your business goals.

In a Strategy Scripting engagement, we work with you to better understand your goals,  your audiences and the effectiveness of the marketing efforts currently being used.

From there, we audit the messaging, materials and methods you’re using, against best practices and our agency recommendations.

The Strategy Scripting Experience

Specifically, we’ll address the following areas together during the Strategy Scripting experience:

The outcome is your customized Strategy Script, full of recommendations and strategies for next steps.

What Are The Deliverables From A Strategy Scripting Engagement?

The Strategy Scripting process is designed to provide you with a combination of tools that you can use for the goals you have in a relatively short amount of time.

The outcome of a Strategy Scripting engagement includes a variety of tactics, resources and recommendations. Some you can do yourself and some you may need to consider outside expertise.

Common deliverables include:

You’ll receive a personalized document full of of practical, relevant, and meaningful recommendations that you can use on your own, with us, or even with another agency if you so wish.

What Does A Strategy Script Engagement Cost?

Our Strategy Scripting engagements generally range between $2,500 and $15,000.

Factors that impact cost are size, scope and goals among others. Costs are transparent and agreed upon before engagement.

Our cost is does not include travel or accommodations.  For travel and accommodations, we simply bill as incurred. Again, billings are discussed and approved by client before engaging.

The process includes a few meetings with you and your business leadership as well as our team working independently to analyze what we find.  Meetings can take place in person, by video or by phone.

Engagements typically

What’s The Best Way To Talk About Strategy Scripting?

We try to make it easy.  Let’s talk and figure out what you’re looking to accomplish and see if we’re the right fit. If we are, we’ll work promptly to set up a meeting and talk in more detail. If we’re not, we’ll try to be as helpful as we can and point you in the right direction.

Give us a call at 207-945-9999 or reach us through the form here.

We’re pretty responsive to online inquiries so you’ll most likely hear back within the same day, if not the same hour.

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