Starting The Marketing Plan | Strategy Scripting

When companies are looking for someone to team up with for marketing advice, recommendations, and answers to their questions on a regular basis, we call that a strategic engagement.

Why? Because we think that sounds fancy and it makes us look smart.

We enjoy brainstorming, solving problems, and designing ways to make our clients marketing work best for them.

How Do We Start?

We begin with a process we call Strategy Scripting (fancy, huh?). Strategy Scripting is a defined engagement in which we work together to analyze where your company is right now and compare it to where you want to be.

From there, we work together to design an action plan best suited for your needs, problems, and goals.

You’ll walk away from this with a personalized document full of of practical, relevant, and meaningful recommendations that you can use on your own, with us, or even with another agency if you so wish.

The Strategy Scripting Experience

Specifically, we’ll address the following areas together during the Strategy Scripting experience:

The outcome is your customized Strategy Script, full of recommendations and strategies for next steps.

What Does A Strategy Script Engagement Cost?

Our Strategy Scripting engagement starts at $2,500.

That doesn’t include any travel or accomodations. Travel is considered necessary for engagements outside the state of Maine. For travel and accommodations, we simply bill as incurred.

The process includes a few meetings with you and your business leadership as well as our team working independently to analyze what we find.

Typically, we’ll wrap this up in about 30 days.

What’s The Best Way To Talk About Strategy Scripting?

We try to make it easy.  Let’s talk and figure out what you’re looking to accomplish and see if we’re the right fit. If we are, we’ll work promptly to set up a meeting and talk in more detail. If we’re not, we’ll try to be as helpful as we can and point you in the right direction.

Give us a call at 207-945-9999 or reach us through the form here.

We’re pretty responsive to online inquiries so you’ll most likely hear back within the same day, if not the same hour.

How We Work With Businesses & Organizations