Don’t Let Summer Sales Fizzle When They Can Sizzle


The long-awaited New England summer is here and that means sunshine, BBQs, and a chance to introduce your brand to those traveling during the summer months.

The population in Maine doubles during Summer – and in some places nearly triples. There seems to be a common misconception that people stop paying attention during the summer months and a lot of players stop promotion just to kick things back up in the fall. I challenge that thought. I remember the days when Bangor, specifically, almost stopped in the summer, yet so much has changed since those days with concerts, events, and the unique culture that makes this area its own destination.

Travel plans often lead people to travel to places off the beaten path, connect with nature, enjoy experiences surrounded by food and drink, and of course  #doitfortheinstagram. The opportunity to grow sales during the summer months is here, now! Especially as many organizations forget to adjust their message to match the change in season and do not embrace out-of-staters who are here with money to spend.

June is not too late to start thinking about crafting content and campaigns to introduce in the summer months. However, you do want to get started.  

Pick Your Product

Start by focusing on your basic products and services. What can be promoted to people who might be visiting or going on vacation with a lot on their minds? Make the messaging simple but include an action to draw them in.

Diversify Your Reach

Prepare a marketing strategy that reaches people at multiple touch points. This could be social media, digital, or event partnerships/collaborations. Also, remember it takes the average person seven interactions with a brand before they feel compelled to buy.

Follow up!

We live in a borderless business world, yet this step is forgotten the most. Gathering contact information from guests or prospective guests is a great way to keep your brand on the forefront of their mind- either make a purchase or share their experience via word of mouth or reviews. If someone is visiting on vacation and they get a follow up later in the year, the chances of making an additional sale or booking during the holidays drastically increase as people want to remember and share in their good experiences.

By planning your strategy, preparing your content ahead of time, promoting during the summer months, and not forgetting to follow up, your sales will remain strong year round.

At Sutherland Weston, we can help you strategically create campaigns to break through the summer unplug and build follow drips to keep you on the forefront of guests’ minds.  


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