The Firm

Who We Are

It started on a napkin…

Our story started as a scribble on a napkin in the back corner of a chain restaurant on an average summer Wednesday afternoon. A few months later, those scribbles morphed into a merger and our company was born September 1, 2005.

From competitors to collaborators to colleagues, partners Elizabeth Sutherland and Cary Weston now lead Sutherland Weston into its second decade of growth from its downtown studio headquartered in Bangor, Maine.

Supported by its guiding principles of culture, respect, and community involvement, Sutherland Weston is a team of talented, motivated, and creatively-driven professionals.

Together, we work to Design Answers, Create Influence, and Deliver Results for clients looking to grow their business .


Our Guiding Principles

Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications:

Our Company Values


We believe collaboration helps to build better ideas and solve problems more effectively.


We take ownership of our actions, accountability for our decisions, and follow through on our promises.


We invest in and support the personal passions and priorities of those with whom we work.


We celebrate the characteristics that make us unique and aim to be sincere in our relationships.


We encourage proactive thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset.


We strive to gain perspective from all affected by our discussions and decisions.