Website Search Engine Optimization Services

We are a Maine based search engine optimization (SEO) company.

Your website was designed to get you more business, more leads, and more money.

Is it working?

Your website may not be getting found when the profit phrases for your business are typed into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

A profit phrase is a group of words that are used to describe the products and services that make you money.

And if your website is not designed for your business to be found online when people are using their own words to find the products and services you sell, then you’re losing opportunity. You’re losing leads. You’re losing money.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are specifically designed to get your website found when your profit phrases are used online in the search engines that people use most.


To get your website found – at or near the top of the search when your profit phrases are used online.


Along with a complete analysis of your website’s current design, we also provide detailed reports on:


Once our exhaustive reporting and research is complete, our team works with you to design an SEO strategy to help you not only compete but succeed in your targeted areas. Our strategy includes:


Can You Prove You Know What Your Doing?

The simple answer is “YES.” We’d be happy to walk you through some specific client projects and show you first hand the results they realized.

Can You Guarantee Me A #1 Rating In Google?

The simple answer is “NO.” Please be wary of folks and firms promising guaranteed number one placement. What we can guarantee is a visible and verifiable rise in the phrases that matter most to you. We’ll show you where you stand now and how you’re rising in the rankings.

Can You Help My Business If You Didn’t Design My Site?

Absolutely. We will need access to be able to make changes to your site but regardless of where your site was designed, our S.E.O. service will help your site work harder, faster, and better for your business.

Some Charge Ongoing Monthly And Yearly Fees…Do You?

Much like our web development services, we do not charge monthly or yearly fees for your website or SEO services. We will establish a guaranteed quote for your SEO project and not exceed it. When done correctly, your SEO project will continue to pay you back year after year without any additional billing.