An Inspiring Story of Innovation and Change: Wilcox Fitness


In this time of uncertainty, many businesses are pivoting to adjust their strategies as the landscape changes. Cary sat down (from a distance), with Paige Wilcox of Wilcox Wellness & Fitness to hear how she and her team launched an online training program in just a few days.

I had the pleasure of a fantastic conversation with a small business owner in Bangor, Maine about changing and adapting in real-time.

The interview is about 18 minutes long. In it, Paige shares her story of not only having to reconfigure the business essentially overnight – doing so from a third world country with her two young kids while worrying about making it back home.

The lessons I took from this discussion are simply inspiring.

Here are a few I think you’ll find helpful:

– The true value of your business is not in the “stuff”
– Mission matters in the face of tough decisions
– The courage to is just as important as a solid plan
– There’s a light beyond the darkest of storms

I hope you too find some value in the journey she’s currently on.


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