Bangor Public Library

Bangor Public Library evolved from a small book exchange in the early 1800s to a community information center providing meeting space, educational programs, exhibits of art and artifacts, food & drink, and distinctive spaces for learning and being.

In 2013, the copper dome ceiling of the library’s roof structure was leaking and required repair, and without proper attention to the building systems as a whole, the library was vulnerable to service disruption as well as potential harm to the volumes of information it housed. The City Council approved a bond to pay for the structural and functional improvements, but a public vote was needed to set forth renovations.

Sutherland Weston crafted a “Yes for the Library” renewal campaign encompassing visuals, video, announcements and planned future marketing tactics. The campaign and vision enabled the library to meet current needs, but also establish a perpetual means through which to grow and strengthen as an essential pillar in the community.