City of Calais, Maine

The City of Calais, Maine, is located in eastern Washington County situated on the Canadian border and the beautiful St. Croix River.

Calais shares three international border crossings and a longstanding history with St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.

Calais has historically been a city of commerce and is recognized as the primary shopping center of eastern Washington County and Charlotte County, New Brunswick. Currently retail, service, and construction businesses are the primary components of the Calais economy.

Sutherland Weston was hired to help the town prepare for their future economic development efforts. Through stakeholder conversations we knew the branding efforts needed to pay respect to their long standing, cross border relationship with their Canadian neighbors.

The result was a logo, website and suite of materials that helps Calais be both persuasive and prepared for economic development activities and help them shape and share their story.


We selected Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications for a branding and website development project that turned out to be much more … it included development of marketing materials from our branding that I have used many times in promoting our area to potential professionals, residents and businesses.

The process seemed effortless.

SWMC met several times with stakeholders, listening and discussing what we wanted to convey. They came back with concepts that seemed to capture those thoughts exactly. These ideas were enthusiastically embraced by the City Council and public at large.

The people at Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications are true professionals who understand economic development and municipal government.

-Jim Porter, City Manager