Sincerity and authenticity can be hard to find but easy to spot. We love working with brands that make us smile and people that value the handshake as a promise. You won’t find any more sincere or authentic folks than the Dysart’s family.

Dysart’s is not just a business but a beloved Maine institution. A family business that has remained true to its roots through 50 years of consistent growth.  So the work has be real and reflect the values and traditions of the business and the family name.

Sutherland Weston has worked with the Dysart’s family to craft public relations strategies to support their most cherished causes, help launch a grow a new location, and amplify their online presence with a highly interactive e-commerce site.

Oh…and there was that one time we got the whole world laughing with an adorable couple who just couldn’t say “baked in a buttery flakey crust.”

Website: https://www.dysarts.com