We’ll Help You Plan Like A Marketing Pro

Our Six-Step Marketing Plan Program Will Help You Feel More Confident And Prepared

Are you responsible for marketing the business but you’re feeling a little stuck? Do you work for someone – or are you that someone –  concerned about wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work?

Maybe you feel like you ‘have to do something’  but you’re not quite sure where to start, what to spend marketing money on, or what ads to use when you do.  You have the capacity to do things yourself – you would just like to feel like your actions were more on purpose and focused.

Sound Familiar? We Can Help!

We’re happy you’ve found us. The feelings listed above are very common and came from real conversations we’ve had. It’s why this process was created.

Rest easy – we have a way to help you find purpose and focus.

Our six-step marketing plan process will help you clarify your message, create more effective marketing materials, and use social media with focus. It’s designed to give you the tools and insight you need to feel more in control and confident about every marketing dollar you spend.

It’s Time To Clarify Your Goals & Make A Profitable Plan






“I feel that what we gained from this program is what it takes for us to grow to the next level.”

“In the last year, our business has grown tremendously. Working with Cary, I was able to get a clearer vision of what grows a business.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I wasn’t happy with.”

Testimonial photo from Janell

Janell Fox, Owner, Janell Bags

The Marketing Plan Program

You’ll leave each session with easy and practical ways to make a positive and lasting impact on your marketing efforts right away.

Our time together is designed to be part coaching, part consulting, and part strategy. The six sessions build off each other to help give you the tools you need to be more prepared and confident in your marketing approach.

It’s a hands-on experience designed to start delivering value quickly.

These sessions can be scheduled for either one week or two between each one. Each session will be approximately 60-90 minutes and the agenda outlined below.

Session 1 – Discovery

The program starts with a strategy session we call the discovery. We’ll talk all about your business, your goals, and your challenges. The future work will be directly related to your situation, your needs, and your goals. The discovery session typically lasts between 60-90 minutes.

Session 2 – Simplifying The Messaging

One of the hardest things to do from inside a business is to look objectively at the core messaging. This session will lead you through a simple and proven process to help you build messages that help you stand out from the competition and get noticed by more potential customers.  This exercise will help you develop effective materials, presentations, proposals, and website pages for your business.

Session 3 – Inspecting The Materials

With new eyes and purpose, it’s time to take a look at how you’ve been presenting your business to your customers and prospects. We’ll review your physical and online materials and talk openly about how to adjust and improve them for better results.  We’ll include a discussion of best practices, opportunities, and what is needed to help you improve business development efforts.

Session 4- Social Media Strategies

You can do this! We’ll take the mystery out of social media and help you get organized to post with purpose. We’ll review the categories of posts that we recommend for your business, how to build traffic and engagement with your social media efforts. You’ll leave this session with a social media plan and posting calendar specifically designed to work for your business.

Session 5 – Nurturing Leads & Sales

In this session, we’ll take a look at where your leads are coming from, how customers are finding you, and ways to stay in front of them even when they are not ready to make the sale.  We’ll explore our “persuasive and prepared” philosophy and work through ways of not only getting noticed but how to build trust and confidence (and sales!) from the attention you attract.

Session 6 – Client’s Choice

Our last session together is a wildcard and left open for you.  Any topic you want to learn more about or dig deeper into is fine by us!


“I get it now. I can’t wait to finish adding these new pages to our website. This will save our sales team hours each week and separate us the competition. I really appreciate the advice. Thank you.”

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How Much Does The Core Program Cost?

The program fee for most small businesses is $5,000 – $10,000.

The cost of engagement is figured based on the scope of the company, need, market, and deliverables.  The program can scale up to meet the needs of larger organizations. A quote specific to your needs will be presented and approved before any work or cost is incurred.

This can be billed up to five monthly installments to help with cash flow. Any additional creative service project requested beyond the core program will be billed separately as incurred.

Should your needs or requests fall outside of the normal program curriculum, we will discuss the program fee before engaging to ensure we all have the same expectations.


What Should I Have Before We Get Started?

The most important tool to have is the desire to learn and commit to working on your business. This program is not ‘done for you’ – it’s ‘done with you.’

That being said, preparation for the program should include:

Will This Program Include SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is a term that is often used to mean “getting more people to come to my website.”  While we know more traffic is important, we also want your website – and your business – to be ready to make the most of any traffic you earn.

During the program, we’ll evaluate your website in terms of how it applies to Google’s best practices and help correct any errors or add components that may be missing. We’ll provide recommendations on how to modify the site, if necessary, to ensure you are in the best position to be respected by Google.

With Google’s advanced algorithms, having valuable, relevant, and focused content is the best way to increase a website’s chances of ranking better in search engine results. Our program is designed to help you do just that.

Our program will all utilize the essence of our Ten Rules of Marketing to help you attract more traffic to your website and get more connections and sales opportunities from that traffic.


We had tremendous responses and easily have over $100,000 of interest. Everyone loved the website, and we got a good number of leads through the  lead magnet.

Will This Help Me Use Social Media Better?

The short answer is ‘yes’.

Here’s the longer answer: The work we’ll do together will provide you with an excellent content library which can then be used as part of your social media posting efforts. Specifically, content that helps you build more trust and confidence in your sales prospects makes for fantastic social media posts.  Read more about how content helps make your sales efforts more effective here.

We go a little deeper into three key elements of developing an effective social media plan here. 

Can We Discuss Creative Services Or Marketing Needs While Doing The Marketing Coach Program?

100% yes.  We do not have to wait until the end of the marketing coach program if you would like to engage in a creative or advertising project.

Our creative team is ready to help in a variety of ways should you want to do more.

Our billable rate for creative services is $150/hour. Any projects requested will be quoted with an estimate for approval before initiating.  This work is billed separately from the program fee.


We selected Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications for a branding and website development project that turned out to be much more …The process seemed effortless.

Does The Program Include Advertising Of Any Kind?

The program fee does not include external advertising. However, the work we’ll do together will enable you to understand better how to use paid advertising better for your business.

What Will Be My Homework?

Each session’s homework will be relevant to the priorities that come from discovery. Homework will essentially focus on the knowledge, experience, and expertise you already have as a professional in your field.

We’ll focus on ideal customers, customer service trends, common questions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Our goal with the homework is to reverse engineer your everyday experiences into an effective marketing foundation.

Together, we’ll get you tools that will help you get more of what makes you money and less of what does not.

Will We Meet In Person? (edited for Covid)

We can meet in person, on phone, or over video calls. The purpose of the coaching program is to streamline effectiveness and make the most of each session. If you are geographically close to our office, we’d be happy to set up sessions in person. (Until further notice, due to covid-related protocols, in-person meetings are not being scheduled for the Marketing Coach program. Video and phone meetings are.)

Can We Have More Than One Person Join The Calls

Having more than one person on the calls is not a problem as long as there is consistency from week to week in order to ensure progress is made with each session.

What If I Need More Than A Week Between Sessions?

We know that business – and life – often gets in the way of best-laid plans. If you need more time between sessions, that’s no problem. We’ll be flexible. But we must be consistent with the work to ensure you’re getting the most from the program.

I have reviewed the report and was very pleased with the work. Soooooo much to do.